The corporate mission of the Tractor's Group is designing, manufacturing and marketing equipments.
The Tractor's Group has acquired a leading position on the international scene, testifying to the success of a manufacturing strategy founded on specialization.

Each member company of the Group works in a fully autonomous way within the scope of its own particular core business but with the advantage of a highly professional central management dedicated to furthering the growth of corporate value. This is why the engineering and industrial know-how is maintained within the Group, the intention being to react promptly to demands from the globalized market by introducing new products.

We are a growing team of enthusiastic people whose sole mission is to provide you with the best farm, industrial, construction and transportation equipment at very competitive prices and with top-notch customer service. We as a company realize that you, the consumer, use the internet to search out great deals that you cannot find locally. We understand this, and we aim to please by giving you what you are looking for at the price you are willing to pay.

Enable our equipment to lift large loads at relatively low operating pressures. "A great deal of work with little expenditure of energy".

Our equipment, completely computer-designed, is reliable and long lasting, because we employ high quality steel with the toughness to withstand the heaviest use and extreme climatic conditions.

All our equipment are designed and built according to latest worldwide quality standardization. "Quality is our inborn vocation".

Our equipment is rapid in movement, since speed is the essence of modern operations, completing the work in the shortest possible time. "We take care of your time for you".

All our equipment has integral safety systems built in, so that is virtually impossible to effect and erroneous movement.
It's important to note that these systems are completely hydraulic.

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